old fashioned soda kit goody bag gift idea

Old Fashioned Soda Kit {Goody Bag Gift Idea}

It is that time of  year for coming up with lots of presents for everyone in your life! I am sure that you run into the same issues that I do in the holiday season- I LOVE to give gifts! I love thinking them up, getting them, putting them together, wrapping them and finally- giving them. So I want to give to everyone, but that can get expensive… fast! Here is a fun idea for a goody bag gift that I was able to put together for all the aids at Scott’s day program for less than $2 per gift! When you have to find something for 15 people, that is a pretty good number!

old fashioned soda kit

I love these goody bag ideas, my friend gave me a tip to go to Smart & Final or another restaurant supply type store and pick up a box of these food packaging bags (I think the one I got is for bread loafs). The box has 200-250 bags. depending on the size, for around $10 and these babies have a thousand uses! I have put them around marshmallow pops, packed cards, shared baked goods, put little craft kits together for my daughter’s school and now these fun little soda kits. And the best part?! I have maybe gone through have the box so far. They are awesome, I definitely recommend having  a stash if you are quite often packaging smaller items- or even bigger items, they have a bunch of sizes!

old fashioned soda kit 1

The original idea for this gift was some old fashioned aluminum Coke bottles I had left over from an office party last week- I can’t believe these weren’t the first things to go!! They were so cute! But I had the perfect number of left overs to make these gifts so when I saw the Coke cups at the Dollar Tree- I knew I had to make these as the little gifts! The case of Coke was about $20 at Sam’s Club- that was included in the $2 per gift estimate. Because I got to use them left over from an event, I put these 15 gifts together for less than $20! Waahoo!!

old fashioned soda kit 3

They were super simple to put together, which is what we need during the holiday season! I grabbed some paper shreds while at the Dollar Tree as well and put those in the bottom and then some candy on top. Then I placed the glass and the bottle in the bag and tied them off! I am going to add our holiday card to the front and done!! Adorable, affordable and attainable! My kind of craft!

old fashioned soda kit 4

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  1. Melanie December 2, 2013 at 10:30 am #

    I LOVE those coke bottles…they make such a cute gift! PINNED!