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Ninjago the Ride at Legoland California

This great little thing known as blogging has given my family and I more opportunities then I could ever provide on my own and I could not be more grateful. Today was one of those days where I was so excited to “go to work” and head on up to Legoland California for the Press Preview day of the Ninjago Ride which opens May 5th! It was such a great event and we had a great time, that was before we even got to go on the ride! The great people at Legoland really took care of us and it was such an amazing and memorable experience for our family! Check it out!


Right when you walk in there are a whole bunch of Lego figures, naturally and Avery really got a huge kick out of them being even bigger than she was! She even said “mommy, you should make one of these when we get home!” um, yeah, I will get right on that!

The event started with these amazing drummers, it was such a great addition and really got everyone pumped for the ninjas! I love watching drummers and if you want to see more on their performance, I made a video of the event that you can check out HERE on my YouTube channel!

The ninjas did amazing and of course they had to end with a huge explosion of confetti- amazing and so exciting! I have never actually been present for one of these confetti showers before and it was so cool!

The four main ninjas that were featured were Kai, Ja, Cole and Zane which represented the 4 elements fire, lightning, earth and ice. Each of them had quite the entrance! They also did an amazing performance that you can see in the video link above as well.

Avery had a blast getting to meet and take pictures with the ninjas after their performance, it was pretty awesome!

And last but certainly not least, what about the food you ask? It was amazing! There were so many choices and even vegetarian and pork free options! The food was delicious and served in beatiful disposable boats, they were pretty amazing! This isn’t your stereotypical amusement park food!

All in all, the day was amazing but not nearly as cool as the ride itself. There was interactive 3D technology which allows you to compete with your neighbors to see who can throw the most elements to defeat your enemy. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to go back and try it again because now it is the family favorite ride at Legoland… oh and I won. Which never happens. Which is your favorite Ninjago character? Make sure to check out the ride at Legoland opening May 5th!


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  1. Rebecka April 30, 2016 at 11:50 am #

    The Lego statues are seriously insane! I cannot even imagine how long each one would take to build… makes me wonder how many Lego bricks were used in the making of Ninjago World!