new york themed centerpieces

New York Themed Centerpieces

It’s that time of year again! Our synagogue had it’s annual Gala over the weekend and of course, I had to jump at the opportunity to do the centerpieces! This year was a New York theme which I found to be incredibly amusing as I have no knowledge of New York anything other than bagels. Somehow I figured it all out and I thought I would come by today and share with you the 10 centerpieces I put together!

Normally, I am the one that likes uniform centerpieces where I make one thing and then multiply that by however many tables will be at the party. This time, however, even I thought that it would be fun to have each table be a different theme so to speak. This was of course much more challenging but I think it was fun in the end! Here is the first set of tables:

I love these fun little fire trucks and roses, the fire truck file was from SVGCuts (as are many of the 3D files) and the roses are a Cricut cut. The hats are all the same cut but in different colors and with different New York team logos on the front. While they are all baseball hats, I justified that this was a style of hat versus a hat for a specific sport- I think it came out really cute! The last one in this collage is the iconic “I Heart NY” and this as well as the hats are all SVGCuts. I would just search ‘hat’ or ‘fire truck’ in their website, I don’t remember the names of all of them off hand. One thing, however, is the ‘I’ in the 3D letters file is a stick ‘I’ meaning it didn’t have the top and bottom piece, so what I did was cut two of the letter ‘T’ and then layered and modified it to make the ‘I’ like it is in this logo. Let’s check out the next set of tables!

First, the tourist table was one of my favorites because I love these 3D cameras (SVGCuts again) and have made many of them before- I can’t get enough of them and I still wish could buy a patterned version of this! The streets signs were cut all in Cricut Design space as well as the skyline for the bottom right picture. The street signs are back to back and mounted on a piece of PVC pipe spray painted black and stuck into a tub of cement to hold it up. I covered the base with black cloth napkins. For the skyline, I cut it from black paper and attached it to vellum and rolled the vellum up to make little lights when I stuck some LED tea lights underneath. They were also on a mirror. Now on to the third set:

I can’t even decide the ones I like most because they are all so much fun! I loved making this 3D piano as well as the 3D purses in the bottom right picture (surprise, surprise both are from SVGCuts) and just put some sheet music on the table of the piano setting and used a glass block to prop up one of the purses for the shopping themed table and had the rest arranged around them. The top right picture was the Playbill/Broadway table and I copied covers from a friend’s collection and placed them on dowels and in couple of pre-made wooden boxes from another event. The last of the 10 tables and the belly bar centerpieces are below!

The last table was the Subway sign table, you know that one had to be a part of this, right?! I used various Cricut Design Space files to create the design and then mounted it all to black poster board and then propped it up on the same PVC pipe structure as the street signs. For the belly bars, I spray painted some tiny easels black and added black and white photos and friend’s nephew took in the city and added a few votives and was done!

All in all, I am really happy with the way everything turned out and can’t wait to share the next set of centerpieces I am working on for an event next week!



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