new toy and possibly addiction

New toy and possibly addiction…

My mom got one of these Knifty Knitters and had been messing around on it for not long before she had a hat for baby and a scarf for me and said it was so easy and the various looms weren’t too expensive at all. Now I have tried crocheting- twice and while I can do it, not for long because for some reason my fingers and hands cramp up terribly. I have no idea why because I can make 75 invites with 150 brads and be fine but crocheting for 10 minutes and I am in pain. Must be a completely different muscle group. So while at the craft store, I checked them out and found a little one for 5 bucks and thought I would give it a try- why not?!? I realize it may be an abomination to the true art that knitting and crocheting takes but for my simple tastes and need for immediate gratification, it is a pretty cool little toy! Plus I am pretty sure you could use Michaels or Joann’s coupons to get them and I figure I could probably make pretty simple baby blankets on one of the larger looms rather quickly and send them to one of the organizations Wade found that collects them for babies in the NICU. Here is what I have made so far while watching one episode of American Idol and that includes reading the instructions to figure out where to even start, messing up once and re-starting. Not too shabby! Plus me and my mom can just make sure we never buy the same loom and then share and have twice as many options, and she told me she picked up an idea book for these things that had a bunch of awesome projects. All I need is another craft to obsess over but hey at least this one isn’t too expensive right!?!

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