new bows and flowers for avery part one

New Bows and Flowers for Avery- Part One!

I do have tons of head adornment accessories for Avery but the favorites get used and paint, life, buggers, spit up and what not happens and they have to be retired. Plus I wanted to make a few for the next holidays, I made one for St. Patrick’s Day that I think will be ADORABLE (not going to post a pic of that until I try it on her because on a table it will probably just look ridiculous lol) and one for Easter, well a few for Easter but here is a question… how does one make  a passover bow?


I will have to feel that one out and come back to it lol.

But some quick pictures of the flowers and things I got to last night, I need to have another session and make some new bows because she is finally growing her hair back and I love the look of a little bow on the side of her head with a little Pebbles Flintstone tuft of hair sticking out the top. =)

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