money topiary birthday present

Money Topiary {Birthday Present}

We are having my nephews birthday party and in lieu of roaming the isles for hours trying to figure out what to get him, I thought “who doesn’t enjoy cash?”
Really, is there anyone? Especially kids, I always thought that it was soooooooo awesome to have money of my own. But a stack of cash, as cool as it may be, isn’t much to open. So I wanted to have a little fun with the idea and this is what I came up with:
Cute right?! His party is camo themed so I went with the green and black and tin can because I thought it was a little more appropriate. This would be equally cute with pinks and purples in a terra cotta pot. 
Also, love what my husband came up with, we called it an “M.R.S” (money ready to spend) as opposed to a M.R.E (meal ready to eat). Clever right? He is a keeper. 
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Styrofoam ball
Chopsticks (or dowel)
Crepe paper
Tin can 
First I got two chopsticks and my styrofoam ball, yeah mine is kinda mangled, but I feel like stryofoam is expensive so I reused a ball from another project.
I shoved the two chopsticks at the same time into the bottom of the ball. 
Then stuck the other end in the sand, I filled the tin can 3/4’s of the way before I put in the chopsticks.
Then added more sand up to the top.
Then I folded the dollars accordion style and pinned the middle  into the styrofoam. I used 13, my nephew is turning 8 but 13 is a lucky number in Judaism (and I had 14 dollars and that didn’t make sense so my husband came up with that little tidbit of info and I handed him back a dollar and said “done”).
 I pinned them all over. This is the part of the project where I think “this looks like crap”, don’t know about you, but with almost every project I hit this point around the middle. It gets better though.
After the dollars are all in, then I started with the crepe paper. I used thumb tacks but then ended up transferring to the pins for this too, they just worked better. 
Then I pinned the green all around.
Then I added in some black.
Close up of the pins.
I just kept filling in until I liked the way it looked and then…done!!
Yay!! Gotta go, time to party!

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One Response to Money Topiary {Birthday Present}

  1. Lindsay August 6, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    Now this is too cute! You seriously amaze me with your creativity!