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Mommy Hacks You Need to Know!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.

This whole parenting thing is hard, but no one ever said it would be easy! But there are some tips, tricks, resources and life hacks that have made some things much easier so I thought I would take a chance today and share some of my favorites with you!

We have heard about ‘life hacks’ for a while and really they are just really simple solutions that make any task a whole lot easier, I have put together 8 of the first ones that I came to my mind when I think of great tips to share with my friends. Pay special attention to number 1 about an amazing resource, American Well, and a coupon code!

1. This one may be my favorite, which is why it is first and I REALLY REALLY wish I would have known about this when Avery was an infant, especially. You need to bookmark this one, right now, American Well. This is by far the most convenient, reliable, and easiest way I have ever found to see a doctor. My biggest problem is the actual going to a doctor, I hate calling to make an appointment, going, waiting and so on. With American well, I was able to log on, pick a doctor and have a private conversation through web cam. I could ask questions, just as I would my regular doctor, but because there wasn’t waiting, I was done in less time than it usually takes me to make an appointment! Why is this a mommy hack you ask? When I think about just how many times we took Avery to the doctor for things that were on the minor end (like ear infections, colds, and even that time with pink eye) those are things that would have been so much easier to take care of at home. I wouldn’t have had to take my grumpy, not feeling well child out, usually at night, to the doctor and then to the pharmacy. I could stay home, have a conversation with a doctor, no matter one time (they are there 24/7/265, isn’t that amazing! There is even an app, it is like having a doctor in your pocket!) and then let her stay cuddled and warm with the hubs while I ran out to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Doesn’t that sound much better than the traditional method? Bonus, this method keeps her germs to herself AND germs from everyone else away from her. Seriously, I would have loved this site when she was an infant, but the best thing is that, it is around now and I can totally still take advantage of it! They even accept many popular insurance plans, so the cost could be covered! This is my new go to website, and it should be yours too! Keep going to the end of the post where I share a code for a FREE VISIT, good for a year, as long as you enroll by the end of April!

2. Use garment bags (you can find these at the dollar store or for under a couple bucks at Target or Walmart, keep it clothes pinned to the side of the laundry basket and throw socks in there as you go. Then you are hunting and losing teeny tiny socks all the time!

3. Store baby clothes in diaper boxes as they grow out of them, I found that Avery grew out of diapers around the same time she was growing out of clothes in the beginning. Now, I know that all the clothes in the size 3 diaper box will probably fit the next baby when they are in that size diaper, like labeling! The hardest one to look back on is this box of swaddlers because that box is filled with newborn clothes, too much cuteness in that box!

4. Use kitchen scissors instead of knives to cut kid food, I learned this one teaching preschool but it has made things SO MUCH easier when it comes to cutting up food into smaller pieces for Avery and her friends. You must try it, I grabbed a simple set from the dollar store and then ran them through my dishwasher and I keep them in the utensil drawer and they are ONLY used for food. It is fabulous!

5. This one may be a little controversial but seriously, it changed my laundry life. Don’t fold kids clothes. HOLD ON, hear me out! Think about it, especially at around 3 or 4 when you are trying to encourage independence and self help skills, you can painstakingly fold and precisely put away all the clothes and the first time they look for a pair of jeans or pj’s the drawer is a mess. Here is seriously how I do Avery’s laundry and I have never looked back- bring the basket in her room and open all the drawers (her’s are in the bed frame so it is super easy) I just toss underpants/socks/bottoms/pjs into their drawer and then make a stack of shirts and dresses to hang. Once I have sorted everything, close the drawers, hang the shirts and dresses, and DONE! Seriously people, it has shaved some serious time off the annoying chore of putting laundry away.

6. Use cookie sheets as trays, you can pick these up at the dollar store in a couple of different shapes and sizes and it is great for defining a space and keeping some of the mess contained. This is also perfect for painting and other art projects because it is an extra layer of protection for the work surface. Plus, because they are metal, you can add magnets to them and they are great for the car as well!

7. Put sprinkles or parmasean cheese on food for picky eaters. This is an oldie but a goodie, using sprinkles or ‘pixie dust’ (that is what we call parmesean cheese at our house) I can get Avery to at least TRY anything. A couple of sprinkles of either aren’t really going to change the taste of much but will for sure make things more appetizing, and all is fair in the fight for healthy eating!

8. The last one is a great trick for cutting grapes and tomatoes in half super fast, just fill them in on top of a lid, add another lid on top- face down- and slide your knife right between the two lids. The lids hold them in place while also protecting your hand while you slice through all of them at one time. Amazing!

Now I mentioned a coupon code to American Well, right?! Well if you go to their website here and register by the end of April, you can use the coupon code SPRING for a free visit! Not only is it convient, but you get to try it for free! That means the next time you have a screaming toddler waking up at 2 am, you can talk right to a doctor instead of making yourself crazy trying to self diagnose (that is never a good idea by the way).

I hope these tips help!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.

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