mommy and me craft class

Mommy and Me Craft Class

What a fun time we had at the mommy and me craft class over the weekend! Well, it was more of a family event, but when you mention craft class, mostly mommies tend to come. I put together a simple craft that allowed a lot of variation for all the families to work on together and everyone had a blast! Check out the fun wall decor we made!

It all started with the set up. I made stations for each family with everything they needed for the craft.

And you know I had to make it a little more fun than just supplies on a table. I had fun with 3D letters and pretty colored table cloth and mason jars, oh my!

Then we got started painting the first color on the board! Most needed to apply two coats to their board.

Then mommies helped with tape and everyone worked on their strips.

Kids also enjoyed glittering the letters!

They were all so proud of their pieces in the end as well! The moms also enjoyed all the extra time to talk as well!

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