modern hannukkah menorah

Modern Hannukkah Menorah

I am always looking for new ways to represent the Hannukkah menorah on my mantle. I have a regular menorah, but I like to think of something new each year to make a statement on the mantle.

This year I had a lot of fun and did the whole thing for 10 dollars!

modern menorah

My secret? Halloween clearance at the grocery store!

Check this out- I saw these little votive holders at my fave grocery store on clearance for a dollar after Halloween, I thought beyond the witches legs and all the way to Hannukkah!

modern mennorah

It was super simple to put together, I just grabbed some teal paint (my color of the year) and sprayed them all down. Then I added some white on the bottoms and while it was still wet, sprinkled on some glitter to get a snow effect.

modern menorah 1

It was quick and easy to put together and I can’t wait to get some of those battery tea lights  that can be on all evening. I love it and the mantle is coming along nicely!!

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