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What You are Missing at the Grocery Store

We all go there monthly, weekly, heck, sometimes even daily! And along with this we have heard about shopping the sales and using coupons and all the other popular money saving methods but I am here to tell you that there is something you are missing. You are probably walking right by it and not even noticing it but you need to STOP! Especially now as we enter the holiday season, I had to share this tip with you


Some of my very best home and party decor scores have come from the grocery store. Now, I know what you are thinking “Michelle, all that stuff is super over priced!” Yup, you are right, it sure is! Except that it ALWAYS goes on sale, and it starts at 25% or 30% but it will get to 75% and sometimes even 90% off. Then you can put together a fun table like this for fall or Thanksgiving:


Isn’t that fun? You see those gorgeous metal pumpkins? They were regularly $20, I got them for $2.50. The wheat bundles were about $1.50 I believe. They make the table, I also used them at my daughter’s preschool feast:


Cute- right?! I can use them year after year and they were a score! Another score around the same time were containers of decorative apples that were marked down to around $2 I believe- these are super versatile and can be used for any holidays but I was able to re-purpose them as a fun back to school table-scape. Another item at a great price that I can use for years to come.


Lastly, this was a score I grabbed recently when my grocery store started marking down all the summer serving items. I saw these cute, plastic, crazy straw mason jars ( I had you at mason jars, right?!) and I picked them up a few at a time, every time I was at the store. They were only $.87 cents!  How could I not! I had started a collection of them before I even knew what I would do with them, then I got the idea to make a class set of cups for my daughter’s school. Super fun and now everyone has their own fun water cup with their name on it- perfect!


So there you go, from me to you, make sure you take a second and check those sale tags the next time you are at the store!

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