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Minnie Mouse Wreath {Minnie Mouse Birthday}

Every occasion needs a wreath.

This is what I am learning being a blogger anyways! You could easily go broke make a new wreath for every month or even more often, but using pool noodles makes it cheap and cheerful!

To be honest, I bought a bunch when I was doing a craft class in December and I am still using them up so I was able to do this whole project with things I had on hand!

I had it on the door, but then I found that during the party it was the perfect thing to add a little something to the area by the door that I kept the party favors!

Like I had mentioned, I started with a standard pool noodle. I cut off a foot from the length and then I tape the ends together. I like these because they are thick and a nice shape. It’s size is close to the straw ones that you can get at the craft store.

I had some yellow fabric on hand (it is standard to use red or pink with Minnie, but my girl likes yellow so I made her a whole yellow Minnie party, you could use an fabric you would like) and cut some 2″-3″ pieces. I started with the first one and hot glued the edge to the tape (hot glue melts pool noodles).

I wrap it around and around until I get to the edge and glue it to the fabric. I like all the seams to be in the back of the wreath so I cut the piece if needed so I don’t have a seam in the front of the wreath.

Once I was done, I grabbed a one inch punch and made a bunch of little circles out of white card stock.

Then I hot glued those around the wreath.

I had picked of a pack of these wooden circles at the craft store and I just matched them up to make 4 Minnie heads in descending sizes. After they were hot glued, I took them out to the garage and spray painted them.

Once they were dry, I added some bows I cut from the Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge and glued them onto the wreath!!

It was a big hit and I think it is going to go in Avery’s room after the party!


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One Response to Minnie Mouse Wreath {Minnie Mouse Birthday}

  1. amy mayen March 6, 2013 at 5:23 am #

    I love the Minnie wreath!