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Minnie Mouse Topiaries {Minnie Birthday Party}

It is Minnie Mouse crafts everywhere you look this week!

Avery’s party was specifically a YELLOW Minnie party, because that is her favorite color, so I had to make all the decor. It would have been way easier if she liked red or pink but I had a good time making everything.

These topiaries were one of my favorite parts or the party, and they were just mantle decor!!

They were mostly found materials or things I got from the dollar store, which are tow of my favorite sources of materials!

These could also easily translate to Mickey or any other color Minnie party. I think I will have to figure out how to use these in Avery’s room!


*Styrofoam balls in two sizes {can be found at dollar store}
*Paint {I used chalkboard paint because that was the jar that was open when the idea to just paint them came to mind}
*Paper bow {or a ribbon one}
*Styrofoam block
*Planting pots or other base container.
*Chop Sticks or dowels {I had these, but you can get like 7 dowels for a dollar at the craft store}
*Paper shreds

I started by painting the balls, first I painted on half the ball while holding it. 

Then I stuck the tooth pick in the center.

This way I could turn it over, hold the pick and paint the rest easily.

I let them dry by sticking them in the block.

After they were dry, I used that block and cut it in half, it was a cube to start with, then I cut a bit of the corners off to fit it into the pots (I grabbed these off of Vons cleareance for under a dollar after Valentines last year, all that they needed was a coat of spray paint}.

All I had to do was stick the chop stick in the bottom of the styrofoam ball and the top of the block in the pot. Mine were already black so it worked great.

The last step was the bow I cut using the Cricut and some paper shreds to cover the block!

They worked out great on my two level candles sticks!

Make sure to you stop by tomorrow to see the party! I am sharing the whole party with TONS of pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Osh March 7, 2013 at 1:40 am #

    Absolutely Love it!!! So crafty. Thanks for sharing :)