minion approved reeses puffs treats

Minion Approved Reeses Puffs Treats

Today is the day y’all! The new Minion movie comes out today and to celebrate, some of our favorite Big G cereals are going old school and putting the fun back into breakfast cereal! Remember back in the day when you got toys in the cereal box? You thought those days were over didn’t you? Nope! Now in specially marked packages of Big G cereals you can find fun little minions! Make sure you collect all 6! But first, let’s make a fun little snack that would be perfect to bring with you to the movies!

reeses puffs treats

These are delicious and were so easy to make! First, we opened up the box and Avery had to confiscate the her little minion friend. I have him all buried in the cereal but really, it comes in it’s own package separate from the cereal. I thought it was more fun this way though, who wouldn’t want to be buried in a bowl of Reeses Puffs? Exactly.

reeses puffs treats 3

I poured 6 cups of cereal in a bowl and then put a bag of marshmallows and 4 tablespoons of butter in a pot on low to medium heat until melted.

reeses puffs treats 5

Once it was melted I pulled it off the heat and sat it on an oven mitt so I could mix in the cereal.

reeses puffs treats 6

Then, after it was mixed, I formed it into a silver pan sprayed with cooking spray and added my blue and yellow M&M’s.

reeses puffs treats 7

Aren’t they pretty and minion like in the bowl?

reeses puffs treats 4

That is it! Let them cool, cut them up and enjoy at the Minion movie!

reeses puffs treats 2

I was provide with free product for this post but all ideas and opinions are my own.

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