mini wood burnt wall hangings happy handmade holidays

Mini Wood Burnt Wall Hangings {Happy Handmade Holidays}

Hey all!! Day Four of Happy Handmade Holidays with myself and Kara from Mine for the Making!

It has been a week full of great ideas and I can’t wait to share this one with you all!!

This is what I am making for my coworkers this year and since Hannukah starts this weekend, I need to get them out tomorrow.

Of course they need to go out tomorrow and I am making them today!

That is just how life works, what do you think of the project I came up with?!

Here is how I got to this, my birthday was yesterday and my mom got me a gift card to Joanns, awesome. But, when I get gift cards, I like to get tools or things that I can use over and over again because I feel like it is the way to get the best value out of the gift card.

So today I picked up a wood burning tool. 

And little 6′ x 5′ pieces of wood.

The rest is history, or a blog post, either or.

Here is how I did it, it is beyond easy, you could get smaller pieces of wood and these would make amazing ornaments!!

I first drew out my design, I cut things out on my awesome NEW Cricut Expression 2 that Wade got me for my birthday, you know, because he is the BEST husband ever!!! Anyways, I cut things out and then traced them because I am not usually one that can freehand.

I thought I would have fun with some old school you plus me equals love business.

Then I just got to burning, I used the biggest of the rounded tips, not the pointy or the sharp or the tear drop. The other one, yeah, that one.

I was going to ink the edges but then I just thought I should go with the theme and just ran the burner along the edges to continue the effect.

Here is my tool, it was $12.99 and I had a 50% off coupon, score!!

I would do the outline and then color it in.

When it came time to add the ribbon, my drill was dead but because this was such thin craft wood, the crop-a-dile did worked well!

Ribbon through and knotted at the back, done!

I hope they like them!

Make sure to go check out what Kara is sharing today, HERE!!


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One Response to Mini Wood Burnt Wall Hangings {Happy Handmade Holidays}

  1. Kimberly T. December 9, 2012 at 5:49 am #

    So when you say color them in, did you mean with the burning tool or actually colored with a marker or something? I’ve been thinking of getting a burner but wasn’t sure I’d have enough thngs to do with it. S thanks for another cute idea.