marble dipped dreidels

Marble Dipped Dreidels

I am always looking for fun Hanukkah projects that the kids have not done before, which can be a challenge in itself! On top of that, this year I am the art specialist at Torah School and was in charge of coming up with a dreidel activity that would be good for all ages from Kinders to 7th graders and something that they haven’t done a million times. That is quite a task when you are talking about 7th graders! But I did it, no one had done these marble painted dreidels and everyone loved them! Plus they all came out great!

I used nail polish I found on sale, really this is a great use up for colors you collect that you don’t like or are almost gone. For the dreidels, I love the 2.5 inch wooden dreidels because I think that they are the easiest to work with! I used large disposable pans that I filled half way with water and then poured various colors of nail polish over the top and it floats and mixes nicely.

I kept one tray with warm colors and one tray with cool colors so that even if everything got all mixed up it wouldn’t turn some unpleasant shade of brown.

Then the kids start to dip! The water wasn’t as deep as the dreidel which would have made it easy to just dip in and pull out, so we had to tilt them around so that all four sides got covered. That is it! Simple and fun and to dry we stuck a hole in the bottom of a foam cup and stuck the handle of the dreidel in and it worked great!

marble painted dreidels 4

Check out this video to see all the fun!



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