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Easy DIY Fall Mantle

I have been procrastinating on my Fall mantle, until this last weekend. I finally decided to dive in and stay with it until it was done, and I did! I am actually pretty happy with it! Check it out! I pulled things I had around the house, but it all centered around these jumbo letters […]

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Valentine Trees

Hi all!! I am excited to share a bit more of my Valentines mantle with you all!! I always like to make things as affordable as possible, which is no surprise, so I wanted to re-purpose some things I had on hand and incorporate a really affordable material I just kind of stumbled upon. With […]

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Washi Tape Valentines Banner

This weekend I officially gave in to the Valentines day bug. Ok, really, I wasn’t really avoiding it but hadn’t had any ideas I loved for new decor ideas either- but decorating my mantle in pink, white and read was just what I needed as a project to hold my focus for a bit. There […]

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Halloween Mantle

Mantles are such a fun thing- even if you don’t have a fireplace, creating a place like mantle on a shelf or piano or table creates a fun space that can easily change with the seasons. This week I think I have finished my Halloween mantle!! It is so fun and Avery had a good […]

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Scrabble Inspired Decor Blocks

There is no secret that, in this house, we are a Scrabble lovin’ people. I have made many scrabble inspired projects including pillows, wall decor, framed decor and a menu board. This time, I took it to the mantle with some Scrabble inspired decor blocks, what do you think?   They were super simple to […]

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My Summer Mantle {Part 1}

I love switching out the mantle from season to season but it is still a skill I am working on. I dream of having one of those mantles with the perfect number of items that gives that full look without crossing over into cluttered. At my craft class last weekend, we worked on 4th of […]

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