little girls slumber party

Little Girls Slumber Party

So, it has officially happened. I lost my mind. At least that is what I was thinking at 10:58 pm Friday night when I had 10 girls 6 and under in my living room for a sleepover for Avery’s birthday, most of which who weren’t asleep yet. Rewind a bit to Avery asking for a sleepover a couple of weeks before and me thinking “that could be cute, just a few girls”. Well, that is never really the case for me, we ended up inviting 12 girls over plus Avery for a total of 13 humans. 1 little girl did a stay late over from 6-8 on Friday because she was a friend from school and her mother and I weren’t to familiar with each other (totally understandable!) and then another friend took her girls home around 10 and came back  in the morning around 6:30, all the fun but their own comfy beds. Here is the craziness that I put together for this once in a life time event (at least that is how I feel about slumber parties currently).

slumber party

I have to admit I had a lot of fun putting it together and even during the party, I work with kids so the idea of having 13 in my house at one time sounded more like another day’s work than scary. I wanted the living room to look like a big fort so I draped shear curtains from the ceiling ($5 per panel at Big Lots) and added in string lights that were in the ($3) dollar section at Target and were battery powered and some fun lanterns that were actually in a 3 pack with Minnie Ears to attach but they were the right colors so I tossed the ears and hung them as is. I added all the gray blankets I could find in the house and then a bunch of pillows. For most of them I grabbed fat quarters from Walmart ($.97 each) and just folded them in half, sewed and stuffed with fluff I had at the house and used other extra fabric to just tie around our larger pillows to cover them up and help them match with the pink, purple and teal color scheme.

In each of the paper lanterns, there were small LED tea lights that I hot glued onto the wire at the bottom so that I could illuminate these at night to be an extra touch but also a sweet little night light.

slumber party 5

Look how cool it looked all lit up at night!

slumber party 2

But back to the table, it was in similar colors but with added gold touches because I wanted the girls to have a fun and fancy table to eat dinner. The runner, napkins, and paper straws are from the Paperchase line at Target and are really what started it all. The runner is actually a paper table cloth that I cut in thirds to run down the tables. I had the gold chargers on hand and gave them an extra coat of gold spray paint when I was painting all the wine bottles for the centerpiece. I also took off the bottoms of the plastic wine glasses and painted those gold as well to add and extra fun touch. I love the way it all came out!

slumber party 3

The girls made their personal pizzas as the got there and ran around screaming while they cooked. After sitting down to eat, they all got changed into their matching pjs, because of course. Being a preschool teacher I knew I had to figure out some way to keep track of all their stuff so I took advantage from the cube storage behind my dining room table and made all the girls cubbies. This how I kept most of their stuff organized like shoes and pictures and so on.

slumber party 7

All of the girls in matching pjs was just too cute! Next up was nail painting and hair braiding, if the girls weren’t doing those or in line for those, there was also coloring available at our coffee table. I thought it would be fun to use the adult coloring pages from Crayola and they were just so fun!

slumber party 8

Once all the nails were painted and hair braided, it was time for apple pie and ice cream. You read that right, the girl wanted apple pie so I made apple pie, she was the only one who ate it but it was her birthday so I made what she wanted. Love that quirky little girl! Then it was time for movies and the popcorn bar as we settled in for the night! The popcorn bar was a big hit!

slumber party 6

They all were finally asleep by 11pm and slept all through the night, all the way until 5 in the morning. Then we woke up, I started on the next said of food and beverage bars. The table I had reset the night before so that was one thing I didn’t have to worry about. I switched out the centerpieces and table runner but the rest was mostly the same. I used large doilies as the runner and then grabbed some wood pieces I borrowed from my classroom and put those down the table and added sweet mason jars full of the same flowers from the night before.

slumber party 11

I wanted to reuse many things in a new way not only for ease, but cost effectiveness as well. The chargers and plates were the same but the cloth napkins I grabbed were a great addition. This table was mostly for the parents at pick up because with a 5 am wake up, I couldn’t very well make the kids wait until 9 for breakfast. This is also the reason I was able to use my glass wine glasses for this table scape as well.

slumber party 12

Another addition for the parents was a coffee bar with DIYed coffee mugs for all the moms to take home. I will be sharing a post later this week on how I made those so stay tuned! They were super fun and fit the colors of the party perfectly!

slumber party 13

For the breakfast buffet I had cereal, yogurt parfaits, mini pancakes, french toast casserole with homemade challah and an egg strata. They were kind of done in stages so I was able to feed the kids bright and early and then they were able to eat a second breakfast by the time their parents were there to pick them up. Perfect!

slumber party 9

There were also some donut hole kabobs that were, not surprisingly, a bit hit with the kids!

slumber party 10

All in all it was a great birthday and I think all the kids had a good time and the moms got some date night so that was pretty sweet too. But don’t get me wrong, I am exhausted and won’t be offering this idea up again for next weekend or anything lol!



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