last minute easter egg hunt tips

Last Minute Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Alright y’all, Easter is tomorrow and I know that means that there are still some of you who haven’t planned all the facets of your Easter egg-stravaganza. As I shared in this Easter basket post (and vlog- check it out!) I tend to run up to the last minute- and because I know I am not alone, I thought I would share some last minute Easter egg hunt tips!

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I can say this because we had an egg hunt today, and I didn’t even start until this morning, and it still went great! First, get yourself some eggs, me personally, I get the traditional, all one size eggs. I found a bag of 100 at Big Lots for $5 and that was great for 5 people to hunt (I think 20 eggs per kid is the minimum). I don’t get the ones shaped like bugs or sports balls or anything like, mostly because I am cheap and I just don’t think it makes a huge difference in the end. They are ripping them open to get what is on the inside anyways, at least in my house. When I filled mine, I put a piece of washi tape around each one to mostly make sure that it stayed closed, but it did at a little cuteness as well. Because I had the washi tape out anyways, I found that the eggs fit perfectly in them and I was able to line up a bunch of them to fill them rather quickly with the assembly line method.

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I also wanted to think of a couple of non- candy things for the kids to look for and lucky for me, I had this great BIG box of sidewalk chalk the great people at Crayola sent over and I thought that would be super fun! I got out the baker’s twine and go to work!

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I just put them in bundles of three and wrapped them with baker’s twine and they were super adorable! The kids loved finding them and they are something that all kids can have a bunch of without complaints!

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Looking for other ideas of things other than candy to fill your eggs with? Check out this fun list I made with 40 ideas!

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Then, when it comes to location, why not switch it up a bit?! My sister in law suggested this cute little farm nearby that was gorgeous today and offered a fun and different little backdrop for an Easter egg hunt! Plus there were fun places to hide eggs which made for great pictures!

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I hope these tips help and you have a great day with your families tomorrow~!



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