large vinyl chalkboard schedule

Large Vinyl Chalkboard Schedule

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I am all about organization, but I am a visual person so I really need to see things to remember them which is why wall schedules work so well for me. And what works better than a wall schedule is a LARGE wall schedule, which is why I am loving my new large Vertical Week Schedule chalkboard! Check it out:

weekly schedule

This schedule came from Wallternatives which is a new section of Royal Designs Studios. I got to talk to the lovely ladies behind this brand at the SNAP! conference and there they were showing us all the great things that Royal Design Studios were going to launch in the next few months and these Wallternatives vinyl pieces were what I was most excited about! They have so many designer vinyl decals to choose from and it was so hard to choose but I went with something that would really help me organize all our fun activities for this summer and then the school year. It would also be great to use for blogging or in the classroom! There are so many options to choose from WallPrints™ Fabric Decals,   ChalkTalk™ Chalkboard Art, Designer Vinyl Decals,   WallAppeal™ Removable Wallpaper (COMING SOON), & EtchLook™ Decals to look like etched glass(COMING SOON). I am waiting patiently for the Removable Wallpaper, can’t wait!

The first thing I need to share is when I got it from the company, this is a large vinyl piece and it came in a tube which was the best way to transport it so there were no creases or dents, once I got it, I just laid it out on the craft table to flatten out for a bit.

weekly schedule 2

Then I pulled off the backing while it was on table and it was then that I realized the quality of this vinyl, it was so thick! This is when I believed that these can be removed and reused, the quality is great!

weekly schedule 4

After that, it is as easy as putting it up on the wall and then you can start working on taking off the transfer vinyl. It is a slow process but totally worth it!

weekly schedule 3

Because this is a large piece, the transfer tape got kind of hard to work with at this point:

weekly schedule 5

So I just cut it off and kept on going!

weekly schedule 6

I love how it came out!

weekly schedule 7

Also, the only other thing I would add is to go grab yourself some chalk markers for this fun new schedule because they are just so much cleaner and easier to work with, I would definitely recommend it!

weekly schedule 8

If you are interested, here is the link to the Vertical Weekly Schedule Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decal that I used.


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