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Kid’s Science Fun GIVEAWAY!!

I love a good science project, they are usually great for holding Avery’s attention for a longer period of time. You know, like 15 minutes or so.

I wanted to take a chance today to share  3 of my favorite, always a winner, science projects.

Seriously love these!!


First there is my favorite. It is my favorite because Avery sat happily occupied for 30 minutes doing this. Amazing. It is essentially like the old school volcano, with baking soda and vinegar, only deconstructed. The vinegar goes in a cup with food coloring and then you use an eye dropper to drop it onto a tray of baking soda and watch the fizzy fun. These are my favorite eye droppers, they are the easiest for kids, even toddlers to use.

Aug 2 2012 101

The next project, is also a ton of fun and I discovered it this summer, lava lamps. This one takes another old school project, oil and water and kicks it up a notch with an alka-seltzer.  When the alka-seltzer gets dropped in, the bubbles go through the water and then the water is almost suspended in the oil fora bit and floating around. A ton of fun.

lava lamp

Lastly is the fast of the three, but it has huge impact. If you have never tried the mentos experiment, you have to! It is the coolest thing ever! Just a package of mentos in a 2 liter of diet soda and it creates a 10 foot high geyser! Kids love this!


I was thinking about all three of these projects and that I had a couple of my

favorite style of eye dropper, 2 packets of alka-seltzer (you only need one per

lava lamp and there are two in each pack) and 5 of the mentos experiment, and

I thought it would be nice if I could share! Sooo….let’s have a giveaway!!


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