kids room gallery wall thinking beyond frames

Kid’s Room Gallery Wall {Thinking Beyond Frames}

I finally finished Avery’s gallery wall!!

In all honesty, it isn’t that it took so long to put together, I was just missing the last finishing touches. I had spray painted a bunch of frames black and hung them but there was a big open spot and it was off balance for a while. I was just stuck. I am a firm believer of when things “click”, that moment that you look at it and are like “that is it!” and I have learned to trust that sometimes it takes a bit and you have to come back the project, but it always happens.

kids room gallery wall

I love those gallery walls where all the frames are the same, but the chances of me going out and spending money on all the same frames for my daughters room are slim. I found these frames around the house or they were given to me- I have that type of reputation :). Spray painting them all the same color makes them uniform enough to make me happy.

Today I put the finishing touches on this wall and really, it took all of 15 minutes after I got the final piece in the mail. I am so excited about this one y’all!!

I love photo canvases and I just recently found out how to get an Instagram photo blown up to a wrapped canvas print! I looked around, found Easy Canvas Prints and stopped in my tracks when saw their Instagram photo on canvases.

Here is the thing, I love Instagram and all their filters. Some of my favorite photos are in my phone Instagram land and when I saw the option to make one a 12 x 12 photo on canvas, I knew that would be the PERFECT way to finish off the gallery wall.

april 9 2013 002

There was a hole where the canvas on the right is and it has been there for a while, it is like it was meant to be!

I have gotten a canvas from them before, it is also in this collage and they are an amazing company to work with; fast, easy and efficient. I ordered the picture and it was on my door step less then a week later.

april 9 2013 011

I wanted to think beyond just frames, they are a great start but I wanted a little more variety for Avery’s room. The canvases were an amazing addition, especially being able to take an instagram moment, enlarge it and get it on a wrapped canvas. This is one of my favorite pictures of Avery and Wade from Disney and it fit perfectly with the Disney theme to the collage.

april 9 2013 003

All of the pictures, except the art in the middle (that is her very first painting ever from when she was 4 months) are of us at Disney or places at Disney. For this Disney crazy mama, it is perfect!

april 9 2013 008

I also added these Mickey shaped plaques, which were just 3 wood circle plaques in two sizes from the craft store that everyone signed at her birthday party. It fit this awkward space perfectly and it is a wonderful memory.

april 9 2013 015

The last addition were some simple vinyl decals I made using my Cricut, Minnie and Mickey finished this off beautifully!!

april 9 2013 016

I hope you got some great ideas for you gallery walls!!

{I was provided a canvas print in exchange for my review, but all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own. }

Canvas Prints

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  1. Hilary April 10, 2013 at 4:02 am #

    This is such an adorable gallery wall :)