just call me your personal crafter

Just call me your ‘Personal Crafter’….

I have an etsy shop and do a lot of invitations for people, but more often than not, I get specific requests for certain items from friends and family. This weekend was full of them so I thought I would lump them into one post and share them with all of you!
First, was my nieces 8th grade promotion dress, she found a dress that she liked but, without straps, it did not coordinate with dress code so she picked up a scarf that matched and I went to work. 
I just made a simple tube, turned it right side out, pressed it flat with the seam in the back, center and then went to work on the beading. I was able to find beads that matched the ones on the dress and I began, what I really didn’t realize, would be a looooooonnnnng process. I joked that I could count on one hand how many people I would do this for, for free, and to be honest, I wasn’t joking. It was much more work than I thought but for my niece, of course I would do it again. I also had some left over fabric and made her a simple necklace to go along with it. I think it all came out cute and I am pretty happy with it, especially considering I had never done any of this before (well except the necklace).
Click on “Read More” to see the other two projects! 

Next, my mom needed a birthday present for what I thought was a 3 year old little girl, turns out she was only turning two but these are great for all ages of young children. I made Avery a set of these letters when I was umpteen months pregnant and she thinks they are fantastic and she is only 16 months. I posted about these fringe quilted letters here (by the date of the post, I was 3 days over due and doing massive amounts of crafting to distract myself) and give the link to the template. These are a favorite and you have to try it!
Don’t you like how the “z” is backwards…nice, should have turned it over before I took the picture. 
Last, but not least was one of the projects I am most proud of; a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine showed me a picture of a wire beaded kippah that she wanted for her daughter but they were all sooooo expensive. A kippah is a head covering worn by Jewish people, ones for men are generally fabric or suede while woman can get a little fancier with theirs. All I had to go off of was a picture that I saw for a few seconds and I was able to recreate it for her and this weekend I worked on another one for her second daughter.
I think I have found my niche as a ‘personal crafter’, some have personal shoppers, my friends have me. 
And I am happy to do it.

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  1. The Miller's June 16, 2011 at 7:10 am #

    These are beautiful & great crafts! Love the title “Personal Crafter”.