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10 Minute Tutorial {Owl Earings}

I try to make as many gifts as possible because not only is it affordable, but it is more thoughtful. I have a friend who has a birthday coming up and for that reason, I need to make a gift. She is always wearing the cutest earrings so I thought I would make her a […]

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One person’s rock…

Is another person’s pendant necklace!! Yup, I went there. I got a rock out of my back yard and turned it into this: Not too shabby huh? Click “Read More” to check out how I did it! First go in your backyard and look for a rock. Not a boulder, not a pebble, but a […]

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Earring Display for Craft Fair!

My favorite craft fair of the year is coming up!! There is one fair at the SD Zoo that I do each year and it is sooo much fun!  I really need to do more craft fairs… anyone have any tips on that? Anyways, focus Michelle.  This year it happened to be after my birthday […]

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Single Rosette Necklace {Tutorial}

I know, you all are probably sick if the rosettes by now but I can’t help myself!! This will be the last one….maybe.  But this one is cute because you can wear it with anything; a white, single rosette necklace! Click “Read More” to see the tutorial. Materials: Fabric rosette Chain  Eye pins Jump ring  […]

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More Bib Necklace Fun!

I am having so much fun making these lately! And when I went to lunch with my mom this week I got quite the compliment on the one I was wearing (purple, gray and white). I see a lot more of them in my future, and maybe in yours too! Stay tuned!

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My First Rosette Bib Necklace!

Today was one of those wonderful days when Avery took a good nap, and she needed it because she was all types of grumptastic this morning, and I got to get a bunch of things done while she was sleeping. First I made a couple of bunny pins and then I got on the exercise […]

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