imagicademy disney party

Imagicademy Disney Party

Alright y’all, much like we did with our parents, our chidlen are growing up in a very different time from us. They are, what I learned in one of my many child development classes, digital natives, and as such- they are growing up with and almost crave technology. As a parent, of course I want to make sure that Avery is interacting with the real world, but at the same time, with supervision there is a lot to gain and learn from technology as well! When mommy wants to rest at the end of the night, I don’t see a problem with Avery getting some game time playing educational apps and games. The only problem is, finding the good ones! Sometimes they are too difficult for her preschool level or it is too easy for her to spend money (accidentally) or weird ads come up that I don’t really want her to see. That is why I was so excited to learn about a group of Disney Imagicademy apps because I knew they would be exactly what I wanted!


In celebration of the new apps coming out, I got Avery’s class (and their mommies) together to do some fun activities and try out the new Imagicademy apps. Right now you can download Mickey’s Magical Math World and Imagicademy Parents and on February 12th, you will be able to get Mickey’s Magical Arts World. Mickey’s Magical Math World is a fun outer space themed app that takes kids through a bunch of games involving counting, number recognition and shapes. They love it and don’t even know they are learning! To play off this fun space theme, I had to have fun with the food table! While I was sent a bunch of fun things like puzzles for the favors, puzzles that can be colored for one of the tables and markers and crayons I had to add a couple more things to the fun as well! I thought that it would also be fun to do a marshmallow constellation table! The kids loved it!


All we needed where mini marshmallows and tooth picks and they got to have at it! After that, most of them stopped by the food table for a snack while I set up the iPad to work with the AppleTV so all the kids could watch the app while each one of their friends got a turn.


I set up a chair and let everyone have a turn to try it and I was thrilled that they got the hang of everything quickly, but it still was challenging enough to be engaging.


After their turn, the kids ended up going to the table to color their Imagicademy puzzles which were a fun Mickey in space theme like the game. Coloring is always a hit!


Plus it was a great way to keep everyone doing something while they waited for their turn. Avery is in Pre-K and all the kids are starting to turn 5 in her class and the activities were perfect!

imagicademy-disney-party-9We had our party over this last weekend and Avery is still asking about when the next time she gets to play is! I love that she is excited about a math game and can’t wait to get Mickey’s Magical Arts World when it comes out in a couple of weeks!


If you want to check out more fun from the party- I have a video for you too!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. chrisyisblogging February 5, 2015 at 6:26 pm #

    What great party ideas you have, thanks for sharing and I love your blog =)

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    What great party ideas you have, thanks for sharing and I love your blog =).