hungry caterpillar challah

Very Hungry Caterpillar Challah

I make a lot of things. Like, a lot. And most of the time I am really happy with what I have made, not all the time. Sometimes even when others really quite enjoy something, I can know that it wasn’t my best work or have some other nit picking problem no one else will take the time to notice. I have to say, not as often am I really so proud about something (other than my amazing child) that I really want to show everyone who will look. I become like that annoying mom who wants to show everyone her child’s baby pictures, but really I am referencing some thing I made. Well y’all, this was one of those times. We have themed weeks at camp and instead of standard braided challah, I get to dive into my creativity and make themed loaves each Friday for morning snack. Last week was bug week and I was really excited about my Very Hungry Caterpillar challah and it came out even better than I could have hoped.

Y’all, one word. KVELLING! I can’t even, this is one my absolute favorites, I will have to start sharing more of them because it is so fun and it is not such a popular thing. It all started with dough and a lot of food coloring. Yes, I said food coloring, not natural dye from steamed beets or whatever, just good ol’ food coloring. If you prefer to steam beets, rock on friend, rock on. I made the body by doing a thinner three strand braid of green dough. You can check out THIS LINK for how I make my challah dough, I do the same recipe for the most part. Make sure to shape the braid like the caterpillar on the book, I tucked one end and the end that they head would connect to I cut with my bench scrape so it could stick easier.  Then I used a bit of red in a smaller circle for the head and just stuck it on.

After baking is when I broke out the fondant to make the rest of the pieces. I used black fondant to make little triangle feet and free handed the antennas and nose (those should have been in purple, which I thought I bought, but it turned out to be white). The eyes should be yellow on the outside and green on the inside, I didn’t find yellow so I made green ovals and then wrapped a thin strip of white around the edge and colored it with a yellow food coloring marker. It worked great. In case you are were wondering, everything I used was Kosher, what I found interesting, however was that even though all these products were from Wilton, they all had a different Kosher symbol. It was quite the educational lesson!

The feet and antennas were just sitting on the tray under the challah and weren’t actually connected but if you wanted them to be, you easily could have inserted toothpicks. I am thrilled with the way they came out, like shout from the rooftops thrilled, but that isn’t safe so instead I just posted on Facebook and Instagram.


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