Hello Kitty Party

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

I have so much fun planning birthday parties so I will pretty much do it for anyone.

This party was for my SIL’s boyfriends daughter and though I am still getting to know them, I of course offered to help out with the party.

“Help” might as well be read as “take over”.

But I mean well.

We went really girly with Hello Kitty wit a Spa theme twist. The colors were red, pink and teal and I loved how they look together!

hello kitty

I had a lot of fun and I think you can see that in the main buffet table!

april 7 2013 033

The plan was to do my chocolate fountain, but it wasn’t working properly so we did plan b and put it in the crock pot for a fondue vibe. Not perfect but it worked. There were all the usual chocolate dipping suspects; marshmallows, pretzels, graham crackers, cookies and strawberries.

april 7 2013 021

I also made fruit salad in ice cream cones and sugar free jello with whipped cram on top. On the sides is popcorn in paper cones.

april 7 2013 053

I love the backdrop that we made with crepe paper. I just taped some painters tape to the top and then two at a time added them, twisted them down and added some more tape on the bottom. To cover it up on the top I added some Hello Kitty Duct tape to the top. I would NEVER put duct tape right on the wall, so I just put it on the tape directly to cover it up.  The banner was made with simple cardstock and letters, with felt bows.

april 7 2013 041

There were also some festive mason jars to hold the plastic ware.

april 7 2013 027

The drink table was just as fun with a fruit punch and pink lemonade. The adults had the glasses and I got plastic champagne glasses for the kids. Everyone got a paper straw and there were bottles of water wrapped with pink duct tape.

april 7 2013 001

april 7 2013 002

april 7 2013 019

april 7 2013 008

The cupcakes were also on this table and I loved the lollipop cupcake picks I made! I found cute little lollipops and instead of making my normal pick, I just cut out some circles and numbers and attached them to the pops and stuck those in the cupcakes! So cute!

april 7 2013 007

There of course also had to be a backdrop for photos, they are so fun and everyone loves them!

I just used some burlap I had on hand, and all the decor balls I could find in my house in pink, white and teal. I made a quick doily banner to drape with it and it was done!

april 7 2013 059

april 7 2013 076

As the guests left, they got these cute party favors which were little nail kits for the spa theme. Not pictured was the little pedicure area and bath salts craft.

april 7 2013 123


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