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My Healthy Home {& Preschool Chore Chart!}

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It is spring time which means we are all cleaning. And while of course I want my healthy home to be sparkling, we are nearing Earth Day as well so I want to do it responsibly and in a a way that is safe for Avery.  I want to get a little help and start teaching Avery how to do a couple things around the house and being 4, there are plenty of chores she can do and I am so glad that I finally found a product line that I will actually let her use with me around the house!

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Here was my previous dilemma, I wanted her to help around the house but there was no way I was going to let her clean with my traditional cleaners or wipes, it just wasn’t safe! But then I stumbled upon the new Ology line at Walgreens and it is the best of both worlds! All the great chemical free cleaning AND a price I could actually afford to buy regularly! Of course I am willing to pay a little extra for healthier and more ecological choices, but some brands out there are just insanely priced! These are reasonable and the line is extensive! Check out what I picked up on our last trip!

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With all of these things I designed some easy chores to get Avery started in helping around the house. I will build on these and replace them as needed, but since this is still new, I wanted to make it fun and quick. We practiced doing each one and while she was doing it, I took pictures along the way. That way we could have visual cues since she isn’t reading yet. You could totally use a photo editing site to write in what the task is, but that wasn’t neccessary for Avery. Our starter chores are replace the toilet paper roll (so at least one other person in the house does, you know that one!), replace the hand soap in the bathrooms (love the smell of this Ology Oatmeal & Honey bar soap, and it is so pretty on the stand!), replace the shampoo and conditioner in her the shower, use my DIY cleaning wipes to clean the table (especially after drawing or playdough!), help with the laundry, replace tissues around the house. Super easy, right?

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The pictures I put into one collage and sent off to Walgreens’ one hour photo at a 5×7. I also used my favorite photo editing site to make a little title card for a super simple chore chart (it really does not get easier than this one!), this one I sent off to be printed at a 4×6. I picked up both, cut down the collage to single squares and laminated everything. I attached magnets to the back and displayed it at an Avery height cookie sheet that is hanging in my craft room. She loves it and also enjoys using a dry erase marker to check things off as she has done them.

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Above, I mentioned that Avery used my DIY cleaning wipes to clean the table and those I actually made using the Ology paper towels and All-Purpose cleaning, amazing! I love that I now have a wipe that I will let her use because it is one of her favorite ways to help but I was just never comfortable putting a chemical filled wipe in that little hand. Couldn’t do it! Not in my healthy home!

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I started with the Ology paper towels and cut them down, I used an exacto knife, but I am thinking I should have just used my mitre saw! I cut it just under half so that it would fit into my recycled coffee container (we are approaching Earth Day so this is perfect). I spray painted my container and then added some chalkboard paint to the front so I could label the box. Then I just removed the cardboard center, popped it into my container and poured about 1/3 of the All-Purpose cleaner over the top. Still plenty left to use around the house! I pulled the center up and cut a hole in the lid for it to go through and was done! Avery has really just adopted these and considers them hers, not surprised at all!

#WalgreensOlogy #shop 7I was curious how well they worked and while I was making them, Avery was drawing with marker on my craft table and got a bit on the table, I handed her a wipe and it came right up- perfect!

#WalgreensOlogy #shop 6Since I am constantly at Walgreens picking up pictures, and there are Ology products all over the store, I will probably have a growing collection!

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Also, check out this great video!!


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2 Responses to My Healthy Home {& Preschool Chore Chart!}

  1. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom April 20, 2014 at 10:00 pm #

    I’ve been debating making my own cleaning wipes using Ology for the last week but haven’t been sure the best way to go about doing it. These are so useful when encouraging little ones to get involved with chores! #client

    • April 22, 2014 at 4:09 pm #

      My kid would clean anything with a wipe, anything!