havdalah candle tutorial for kids

Havdalah Candle Tutorial for KIDS!

Torah school is even a little bit more fun than usual this year because this group of kids is near and dear to my heart- it is my daughter’s group of besties! We have been having a lot of fun with our letters of the week and this last week we talked about the letter Hay, so we connected that to a discussion about Havdalah! We finished it off with this fun candle craft and the kids were so proud of their work!

Now, I have Kindergartners so I did some extra prep for them but if you have older children, you can totally just let them do it from start to finish, this all started from a stack of beeswax sheets.

I cut them in about 6 inch by 1 and a half inch strips and cut wicks that were just a bit longer.

I started by laying the wick along one edge and tightly rolling it towards the opposite side.

Each child got three of these rolls and we helped them braid them individually.

which involved us holding the end and with some suggesting which piece be twisted next and others were able to just start braiding and run with it!

After they were done braiding, I just pressed everything flat on the table which helped all the pieces come together a bit more and they were done! I trimmed the bottom to be flat and the wicks on the top to be equal and they were done!

This craft is for sure going to be a yearly occurrence!


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