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Coffee and Donut Crazy Hair Day Tutorial

We had our first official crazy hair day at camp today and it was pretty fun for both me and Avery! It all started with the one and only , pinterest where Avery found the 1 picture that didn’t link anywhere helpful and decided that was what she wanted- here is how I did it! […]

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Tea Party Hat

Part of the fun of a tea party is an over the top hat.This isn’t England and I don’t have crazy funds for fabulous hats so I thought I would just make Avery an over the top hat from a 2$ Goodwill find for her friends birthday party. Cute right? So here is what it […]

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Winter Flowers

If you know me, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I do NOT leave the house with Avery without a coordinating flower or bow.  I am that mom.  And proud of it! But in the winter I realize that it is sometimes too chilly to go out without a hat… but I have a […]

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