happy holidays

Happy Holidays!!

We had our second round of holidays here, my parents do Christmas with Avery and I thought I would put up a fun little wall tree real quick for Avery for brunch today. I think it came out pretty cute!!

I also had some fun with wrapping, all the ribbon I got for the bows that I didn’t get to turned out as great wrapping ribbon!!!

Then, as Avery got presents, she started wearing them, first she changed her pj shirt for the YELLOW Elmo one and then she got the light up pink Minnie Mouse dress up shoes. She is rocking Minnie Mouse realness in those shoes.

We had brunch before that, I made red and green pancakes, chocolate chip and then I made a small batch of these “oh no she didn’t” peanut butter cup pancakes. I only had half of one but it was delish!!!

Here was the super quick table centerpiece.

I had to move her a few times before she got to a spot where I could get a good pictures. Things blogger’s kids have to deal with lol.

We had an awesome prime rib dinner that my dad gave us for Christmas and then went to Jungle Bells at the zoo, it was such a fun way to spend the evening, I think it will have to be a new tradition. 

The tree when you walk in:

 A tree made up of poinsettia type plants.

Awesome light displays:

They had like 12 of these little photo op displays, I got them all I think but I won’t bore you all with the pictures, this was the fun one that had “San Diego Snow” aka bubbles.

And a lion to take a picture with, why not?

It was a great day, we lost her shoe and yellow bear at the zoo (way more upset about the bear) but I will take that has a good thing if those were the worst parts. Feeling blessed. Please make sure you check back tomorrow night to find out a way you can do a good deed before the end of the year!

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