handmade hanukkiah

Handmade Hanukkiah

One of my favorite projects to do each year is a hanmade Hanukkiah with both of my groups of kids, the preschoolers and my Kindergarteners. I love to come up with new ideas each year and I also love for them to be as functional as possible. This holiday season has been busy to say the least so I knew that I needed to make something with my Kinder group that Avery could bring home and use so I didn’t have to go searching for the Hanukkah box! These are the benefits of being your child’s Torah school teacher! Check out what we came up with!

Aren’t they cute? And they are budget friendly as well! I picked up a glass cutting board for each of my students at the dollar tree and then mixed liquid water colors into some clear glue for them to paint on the bottom of the cutting board.

These took a while to dry because they had a blast adding paint and creating thick layers on the bottom of their Hanukkiah, but in the end they looked amazing!

I also love that we were able to light it through all eight days after I added the candle holders onto the top with some hot glue! I used a small square block in a coordinating color to raise up the shamash so that it was taller than the others and it worked so well!



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