halloween fun day 18 subway art

Halloween Fun Day 18- Subway Art

As you have already seen, I jumped on the subway art bandwagon. But seeing all the Halloween themed art has inspired me to tackle this project once again.

Instead of the black and white route, I went with a more colorful version.

I picked out a few different scrapbook papers and ran them through my Cricut and cut out various seasonal words.

Then I painted one of those cardboard pieces you find in a picture frame with gray, I had to mix white and black.

Then I glued on all the words- it took a little bit to figure out where they all went but basically I start with the biggest things first and worked my way to the smaller ones. After I was done it fit in much better with the mantle as I transition it to Halloween. I had an extra frame that the glass broke out of and it worked perfectly to hold the art to be displayed on the mantle.

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