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Halloween Entry Way {Halloween Week}

Welcome to another day of Halloween week!!!

Today I am sharing my entry way and a spiderweb project I made to jazz it up a bit- what do you think??

I think it came out great and I am always happy when I can decorate within my limits. This means no glass! Man, do I wish I could decorate with breakable objects but it is just not a good idea with my family and animals so sometimes this presents a challenge!

Anyways, I was going to show you how to make the spiderweb frame above the table, it started with a basic black frame, bloggers never throw away frames. Ever.

Then I started wrapping my yarn around it but I found it was slippery so I used the little metal things that hold the back of the picture in place to my advantage. As the yarn passed them I just wrapped it around once to hold it in place. Then I tied the end piece to the tail of the beginning piece to finish it off.

There was one piece in the end that wouldn’t stay so I just grabbed some tape near by, washi of course evidently, and taped it real quick. But when I did I thought- hey that is pretty cute!

So I grabbed another black and white tape and added it to the whole front of the frame. Added benefit is that it holds all the yarn in place!

Then it went on the random empty nail above the entry way table! I may have one of the smallest entry ways ever so I like that it is decorated but not too cluttered.


Make sure you go over and visit with Kara from Mine for the Making and check out her project for today- hint, it is a great activity to do with the littles!

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