halloween classroom door decorating

Halloween Classroom Door Decorating!

So of course I knew this whole elementary school thing was going to be fun, but I had no idea how fun all the little stuff would end up being! Today I am talking door decorating, when Avery’s teacher asked me and my friend if we would decorate her door, we were ALL over it! It also may have helped that we got to do a Halloween door and coming from a Jewish preschool that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, we were pretty excited. Here is what we came up with!

Unfortunately I had to blur out a lot because obviously I didn’t have everyone’s permission to share all the cute little faces but all the children made silly faces which we printed, cut out and placed in windows of a not so spooky house. This is a progress picture :

Then we added a bunch of pumpkins, some pandas that were on the original door from the first day of school and gave them some witches hats and a few witches brooms.

We also made a cute little cat, moon and cauldron to finish things off. I added the tree in the back which got glittered as well because, well, glitter is good!

We are so excited to be in charge of the door and are already planning for the next month which you know I will share when it is done!


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