halloween celebrations and dessert ideas

Halloween Celebrations and Dessert Ideas!


Halloween is almost here! Can you believe we are already in the midst of the end of the year holidays? This year has gone by so fast!!! I love taking advantage of all holidays with a little Halloween celebration for my daughter and her friends so I thought I would throw a dessert and candy themed Halloween Playdate party!

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This was such a blast to put together but you know the first thing that I had to do, right?! Pick up some candy, of course! You know that saying- a kid in a candy store? It has nothing on the Halloween candy aisle at Walmart …nothing. There was candy as far as the eye could see! Avery loved it- she could not get enough! What is even better is there is a coupon available that you can find HERE, that makes Mommy happy- you know I love a coupon!

#spookycelebrations #shop 8We made sure that we had plenty to work with and I think we utilized it all very well! We also picked up some Hawaiian punch and 7 up for a couple of other recipes I had in mind! First we made a geletain treat because that needs to sit in the fridge for a while. I picked up two boxes of the lemon flavor, but anything would really work and I made it to the package directions, except, instead of adding 2 cups of cold water for the two boxes, I added one cup of Hawaiian Punch and one cup 7 Up. Then I popped it in the fridge and waited for it to set up! Once it came out I added some fun candy eyes on top to make it a monster treat.

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They went on my centerpiece which was a cake pedestal on a charger with extra candy all over the charger around the base. It is a fun centerpiece and the kids loved it!

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The little ghosts pops were beyond easy to make and great if you still need an treat to send to school with your kids on Halloween if you haven’t got there yet. I just grabbed sticks, mini sized candy bars, and white melting chocolate or almond bark. I pushed the stick through 3 pieces of mini candy and made sure it did not go through the top of the last piece. I dipped the whole thing in the melted and slightly cooled chocolate and put them on a plastic wrap lined plate. I immediately put these into the freezer so the melted chocolate didn’t melt the candy bars (I learned the hard way from the first batch). Once they were hard, I grabbed one of my food coloring pens (these things are so cool and hand to have on hand) and made a ghost face. Simple and sweet and would be fun wrapped in plastic for friends too!

#spookycelebrations #shop 3Next was the fun layered Halloween Punch- it is simply Hawaiian Punch mixed with the 7 Up but I used a fun little bartender trick to get the Hawaiian Punch to sit on top of the 7 Up and slowly mix in, I thought it looked pretty cool and the kids were impressed!  All you do is pour the soda in first and the put the juice in a cup (just because it is easier to manage than the large jug) and pour it slowly over the back of a spoon. That’s it! Use that tip at the next party!

#spookycelebrations #shop 2For the table, I incorporate more of the candy, because, well it’s Halloween after all!! I used an orange table cloth with black glitter tulle scrunched down the middle for the runner. I put two black candle sticks with candles on either side and the candy and monster gelatin as the centerpiece. Each place setting had a black charger and white plate and bowl that was used for lunch. In the bowl was a fun little Halloween napkin, a little pumpkin full of candy and one of the ghost pops. Each child also got a drink with a stir stick and their were crazy straws for them as well.

#spookycelebrations #shop 6The last touch to the middle of the table was some candy bar bark- yum! This is another quick and easy treat idea that ALWAYS goes over well- and really, why wouldn’t it?! I started with melting chocolate and melted it over a double boiler on the stove (glass bowl over a pot of water with about an inch of water) then I poured that out onto some freezer paper. I grabbed a whole bunch of Snickers, M&M’s, Milky Ways, Twix and 3 Musketeers and diced them all up and sprinkled them on top before the chocolate cooled. Then I let it all set (I found the chocolate got a bit discolored for some reason when I put it in the fridge, it tasted fine but was not as pretty). After it is hard, break it up and put it in a fun glass vase, presentation is easy and cute!!

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Avery had a blast with all her friends and I have to say, I may have had just as much fun setting up for this party! I hope you found some ideas you could use as last minute treats and recipes for your Halloween happenings!!

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  1. Amy November 5, 2013 at 2:17 am #

    What great play date ideas!