golden pineapple centerpieces

Golden Pineapple Centerpieces

This morning the cutest thing happened, my daughter was walking with her friend into school and she looked at her and said “did you know my mommy spray painted a pineapple? Seriously!” I was quite amused, especially when the child she was walking with was not even the least bit surprised. It’s true, I spray painted actual pineapples and y’all, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way they came out! I have yet to find something that doesn’t look amazing spray painted gold.

But let me take it back a bit, before the thought to spray paint produce came into mind. We decided to have a volunteer appreciation breakfast and I was trying to think of a fun theme. Of course my first thought was something with flowers because I am obsessed, then I started seeing all these pineapples- on signs, clothes, scrapbook paper and all over pinterest and I thought that might be a fun theme to run with… especially when I saw that people were painting them. I ran to the store and bought some pineapples and it really is as satisfying as it seems.

I found THIS cute free printable that was darling printed out onto some HP Photo Cards using my HP Envy 7640 printer and popped into some brightly painted frames. I spray painted a couple of cake pedestals I grabbed in the dollar section of Target and paired up opposite colors on each table.

In my vision, I had this chunky black and white striped runner and couldn’t find one anywhere, but what I did find was the exact fabric I was thinking at Walmart and grabbed 4 yards. I easily cut 8 one foot pieces and sewed them up in pairs to make 4 extra long runners that would go the length of the round tables. I hemmed the edges and they were done, took about an hour to make all four and now I have them to use for future parties! The extra piece I had left over was perfect to add to the coffee bar.

Speaking of the coffee bar, this was so much fun to set up! Basically we go down the coffee and baking aisles in the store and grab everything that might be fun to add to a cup of coffee. To stir things up a bit, today I thought it would be fun to put all the toppings in our giant muffin tin to make things easier to access. Super fancy and I love the gold sequin table runners on top of the black and white fabric.

I also brought some sequin table cloths on the buffet as well. I started with white table drapes on the tables, some risers, bright pink table cloths and then the sequins on the top. Normally I just use one color for over the risers, but in this case I liked the pop of gold on the pink. I also loved how the tassels and banner accented the buffet. Looking back at the pictures, I wish I would have pinned it up in a couple more places but I still love the layered banners on top.

For the breakfast itself, we had french toast casserole,

three different combinations of veggie and cheese fritatas,

and latkes. That last one is kind of random but the preschool director had a good point, Trader Joes sells them year round as potato pancakes and it is nice to have a potato something at breakfast and these are the easiest and most delicious option by far. YUM! (I say yum but I just smelled them since I am trying to watch what I eat these days, I know they are delicious though.)

Tassels are another one of my current favorites, I can’t get enough of them!

I am also loving the Letterboard I picked up at Joanns recently, so much fun!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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