gold leaf foam skull

Gold Leaf Foam Skull

It is no surprise that I am all about all things gold and usually that means I just grab a can of spray paint and go on a rampage. I may have found a new favorite gold medium and it is perfect for Halloween! Check out this gold leaf foam that would be perfect for your mantle, a centerpiece or any other spooky decor idea you have in your future!


All you need is one of these awesome Make It: Fun Crafts® foam skulls and you can pick these up at your favorite craft store, I go to Joanns but have a Michaels just as close and have seen them at both. There are a ton of different festive shapes and this gold leaf technique would be great on any of them including the pumpkins, bones and so on. You will also want to pick up some gold leaf sheets and some gold leaf adhesive, I used a coupon and got both the sheets and the adhesive for around $10.


To start I poured a bit of the adhesive in a cup and put a light coat over the whole skull, make sure that it doesn’t puddle while also ensuring you get full coverage.


Let that dry for about 30 minutes until it is tacky and then you can start with the gold leaf! These sheets are incredibly thin and fragile and come in a booklet separated by a piece of tissue paper. You will want to work with one a time and place it gently on the surface of the skull.


It is easiest to start with the back and then work your way around the sides because that is where it gets increasingly difficult.


The front of the skull is of course the most challenging, but I just put a piece across the front and slowly worked my way out. There will be missing spots but I just tore smaller pieces and filled them in bit by bit.


Keep on working until you have the whole skull covered and then place on your mantle, your table, your porch or anywhere else you want a little spooky flair!


Have you ever tried gold leaf? Let me know in the comments below!



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