going to disneyland with fake money

Going to Disneyland With "Fake" Money {Part 1}

 I am sure that caught your attention right?!
going to disney with fake money 1
I guess I should first give you our working definition for
“fake” money. 

In our house “fake” money is money that is found, stumbled upon or gotten in a way that doesn’t come from the account or cause us to receive a bill {like going to the atm wouldn’t be using fake money because that came from the account but money in the sofa is “fake” because you found it}.

Ok, so now that we know our twisted definition…

Why Disneyland?

First of all, why not?!

But really, our niece and nephew are here in SoCal for a month from Texas and I heard a rumor through my in laws that the family is talking about going to Disneyland on the day before they leave. It sounds like most of the family is on board to go.

We took Avery for her first time in March and ended up getting passes because after we paid for the day (money we had budgeted for spending) it was only $10 ish for each of us a month to get year passes. Since Avery is free, we just pay $19 a month for the lowest pass. We have already gone twice, it is $87 per adult ticket to get in  so we only need to go one more time to have the passes more than pay for themselves. And let me tell you, I already have a trip planned in the fall to see the Halloween stuff and a trip in December to see the Christmas stuff, these passes are getting a work out!

Here is the thing, the day they all want to go is in the blackout dates. We have the lowest {read cheapest} pass so basically all weekends, the whole summer and essentially school vacation times are blacked out and we can’t get in with our pass, we do get a discounted rate of $70. But with me out of work for the summer without much notice and the short notice for the trip, less than a month, it didn’t seem possible.

At first I wasn’t too bothered, I thought it would be fun but not something to go into debt for and try to dig ourselves out of being behind in August.

But then I thought about it, almost all the kids in the family would be going, basically some of Avery’s favorite people and when is the next time that is going to happen? Our niece and nephew are 14 and 16 I believe so they are getting close to living their lives on their own, especially our nephew that is 16.

Plus, Avery LOVES Disneyland, I know all parents say this but I am truly shocked by the information she remembers, what she can say to us with her expanding vocabulary and they way she is started to store memories. Plus, to say that she has had a less than stellar summer is the understatement of the year.

I kept thinking about all of this and I was like, this HAS TO HAPPEN.

We HAVE to go and CAN NOT miss this, it is too special of an opportunity.

The Problem

But wait, there is that one little pesky problem about the money and paying for a trip like that…here is how it broke down in my head:

2 adult tickets at our discounted rate: $140
Parking for the day: $15
Spending money: $45-$95
“Fake” Money Goal? $200-$250

I am going to aim for $250, I have a mason jar we are going to save it in and everything, you know because I am a blogger. Of course it has to be a mason jar.

Get to the point!! 

So, that is my long winded way of explaining to you a series I am going to run on Monday’s for how to save up some “fake” money of your own for whatever you are working towards. All of my ideas will yield different values for different people but many of them are ongoing opportunities you can revisit multiple times.

First tip is the easiest, COLLECT YOUR COINS!!

I know you are like “whatever” but seriously, we dug in the bottom of my purse, cleaned out cars and added it all to the jar in our room where we keep all the coins from our pockets.

But here is the key, don’t you dare run those coins to one of those coin counting machines!!! They cost money, sometimes they get 10% of the total, when every penny and dollar counts, that is huge!!

Instead, roll them, trust me those little rolls still exist, I always find the at the dollar store and we keep them on hand in the closet. Then take them to your bank, our bank doesn’t charge us if we bring them already rolled coins. Check with your bank though, if they do charge, do some research to see where you can go that they won’t charge.

Start there, it will give your little jar some weight and you will be on your way!

This Weeks Total:
 From my Pocket: $5
 Rolled Coins: $39
Total Week One: $44!!
Plus we had more change that didn’t get rolled because there wasn’t enough yet, this number will easily rise throughout the month!
Next Week
Make sure to check back in next Monday for another way to find “fake” money!
Hint: This one made me $40 is less than an hour while sitting at home!

3 Responses to Going to Disneyland With "Fake" Money {Part 1}

  1. Christina Hermosa July 2, 2012 at 11:08 pm #

    I wish I had passes to Disneyland. My husband have gone every year since we’ve gotten married. It’s kind of like our tradition. We also do the coin thing as well. It’s a relly good idea.

  2. Carmella July 3, 2012 at 12:16 am #

    You got my attention for sure! I love finding ways to find “fake” money! While we aren’t planning a trip to Disney, it will be fun to see how much “fake” money we can find before Christmas for gifts :)

    I’ll be looking forward to your next post on this!

  3. Kara @ Mine for the Making July 3, 2012 at 6:14 am #

    Love the way your brain works :) Great way to budget and save for disneyland. we love it there too!!!