Going to Disney with ‘Fake’ $ Part 4

Going to Disneyland with "Fake" Money {Part 4}

Are you ready for the 4th round of ideas to get you some extra cash without running to the ATM?
going to disney with fake money 4

First, here is where you can catch up on this series:

This is one that I do often and usually take the money right to the craft store!

First, recycling!! I collect all our bottles and cans, the glass isn’t worth the hassle in my area as it is heavy and loud and doesn’t bring in much money because we don’t have that much. I take them in every month or so and usually get around $20, not too shabby for a few minutes sorting them into some baskets at the recycling center!!

Second, find yourself a children’s resale store in your area and look up their buying days. Down the street from my house there is a store and whenever I have extra clothes, shoes, accessories I no longer need or Avery grew out of, I run them down there and sell whatever I can to them. The way it works in my area is I bring them in and they go through all of it, choose what they want and give me back what they don’t want. The way that store prices is they give a percentage of what they are going to turn around and sell it for, there is a higher percentage given as store credit than as cash. I go back and forth with taking the cash or the store credit, it depends on what I need the money for at the time. In this cash, I took the money and ran!!

Third, odd jobs!! There is something we all excel, maybe there is a friend who wants her child’s baby clothes quilted, or a quick memory book, or even babysitting. Get creative and come up with some ideas!!

There you go! 3 more ideas to come up with some ‘fake’ money to add to your Disney or other stash!

Hope they helped!!

Here are the last weeks totals!!
Week 1: $44
Week 2 $40
Week 3: $85
Week 4 Recycling: $21
Week 4 Children’s resale: $25
Week 4 Odd Jobs: $25
 Final total after 4 weeks:  $240!!!!

One Response to Going to Disneyland with "Fake" Money {Part 4}

  1. Shelby July 24, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    Great Job making your goal!! I need to start doing this for our anniversary!!