Going to Disney with ‘Fake’ $ Part 3

Going to Disneyland with "Fake" Money {Part 3}

How is everyone doing on this fine Monday? Do you want another money making idea?
going to disney with fake money 3

I am back to share a couple more ways I am adding “fake” money to my Disney Fund!! I already got my $40 payout in my paypal account from the  tip I shared last week!!

Make sure you up are to speed on the series! If not….

The next set of tips are finding money in things you already do and already use.

The first one is BLOGGING!! Most of you reading are owners of your own fabulous blogs, are you a part of an affiliate network? Meaning, are you a part of a program where you post adds on your blog and receive income based on referals and clicks?

If not then WHY???

You don’t have to overload your blog with a thousand adds to make a little extra money, I mention this because my July payout from one of my favorite affiliate companies is going right into my Disney fund. Because the income varies, we don’t factor it into our bills or anything so it qualifies as “fake’!!

Of the many programs I am involved with, my favorite is Esclate (affiliate Link) because it is user friendly and has a great selection of adds, plus they are the payout that went into my fund!

It is easy to apply and you could be up and running quickly!!

There are tons of affiliate programs out there! I look along the side bars of blogs I love and blogs that are about the same size as mine and just click on things. It helps out the blogger and I can get leads to new places to apply. Some are as easy as posting a button and some are more involved, the choice is really up to you! Also, affilate programs have given me the opportunity to share some great deals with my readers! I have gotten free magazines, coupons and discounts, all a click away!

Another great blogger/etsy shop owner idea is to run a SALE!! I am going to try this week, I am going to offer a 2 month ad package for my blog for a rock bottom rate to hopefully help out some blogger friends and add to my fund! But you could make a special item for a shop where the money will go right to your fund or you could just offer a coupon code. You could even write an ebook (I have one of those almost finished too!).

Alright, what about those with out a blog?

Another thing I did this week was I checked out my credit card rewards. You know I never think of those little points, and while we don’t use our cards often, they are still there and they still have balances because when we do use them, they are generally for emergencies or when things are really tight. A couple of years ago, I got a free 10 piece Rachel Ray pots and pans set with my points. This time I did not have that many but I was able to get a $25 gift card I can use in the part for food or souvenirs. Not too shabby!!

Week 3 Totals:
Week 1: $44
Week 2: $40
July Escalate Payout: $30
Credit Card Points Gift Card: $25
Ad Sale: ??? {Will fill in next week}
Week 3 Total: $139+

YAY!!! I have one last post next week!! Make sure you check it out, this one will not only get you some money but will help you get organized too!!

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  1. Kim July 21, 2012 at 2:41 am #

    I found your blog via Tatortots and Jello. Love this post. We are going back to Disney year this month strictly on money I’ve made from Ebay. I think it’s awesome you are finding other ways to fund your trip!