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Art Show Projects

The art show was this past weekend and I am SO happy with the way the projects I did with the children turned out!!  I wasn’t able to stay for the whole thing but I did go and help set up and got pictures of them…. Let me take you on a tour!! First is […]

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3D Upcycled CD Cubes

The art show at the preschool is coming up fast and I wanted to squeeze in a couple more projects for each class, but when I come up with a new crazy idea, I like to make sure it works before I do it with a class. The director had requested a few more 3D […]

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Eric Carle Birthday Party- Banner Tutorial

I have been thinking about Avery’s first birthday party for what seems like EVER. I am officially more excited about her birthday than I have been about any of my own or anyone else’s, after a lot of deliberation I am going to do an Eric Carle theme. I am a huge fan of the […]

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Upcycled CD Sun Catchers

My dad is one of those people that just gets computers.  Must be nice, to me computers are like cars, I know what to do when they work but otherwise I am clueless.  Anyways, the point is that he is constantly using CD’s and many times, they are just “frisbees” meaning something went wrong and […]

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Halloween Fun Day 29- Decorate Masks

These are always fun to make and you can do these however you would like; paint, glue or stickers even work well. I know Scott is a fan of glue and I love simple and sparkly so I had him make me a mask (since I don’t have a costume) in white with sequins. As […]

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