glitter rainbow play dough party favor

Glitter Rainbow Play Dough Party Favor

I shared Avery’s birthday party a couple of days ago and I can’t believe at the time I had not photographed her party favor! She had a rainbow My Little Pony party and I want to create a party favor that was fun and something the kids would really enjoy, nothing fits that bill better than play dough!


Now, being a preschool teacher, I have a tried and true recipe that you would think I would have memorized by now that I use at the work. I mean this thing has been through multiple teachers and is covered in mess because it has been used that much. Why we haven’t laminated it yet is beyond me! BUT because I came up with this party favor idea the day before the party, I didn’t have my recipe, so I used this one from Family Education.


As with all cooked play dough recipes, it looks kind of iffy when it first comes out of the pan… work with it!


When it comes to adding the glitter, once I had kneeded it for a while, I started by adding it in the middle and working it through. That worked, but since I made a triple or double batch for each color, I quickly discovered a new method.


After a while, I found it was easier to add the glitter to the board all around the playdough and as I was kneading it through, I could pass it through and it would work itself through a bit at a time and much more evenly. It is hard to explain, but you should definitely try it this way because it distributed much more evenly.


Then I grabbed some pint jars and about a generous tablespoon of each color and layered it up! I added a cupcake liner to the top and used my Cricut Explore to write and cut a little message and I was done!


The kids loved them and I think that the parents loved them too because it wasn’t candy, I know I would!


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