giant paper flower rainbow centerpiece

Giant Paper Flower Rainbow Centerpiece

This last week we had our end of the year party and bridging for our Girl Scout Troop. Since our troop spans 3 grades, we will end up having a bridging every year which just makes the end of the year party more fun! This year, I embraced the rainbow theme of the Daisy petals and bridging itself and created a tablescape around lots of bright colors. I am so in love with the way it came out, you will be able to tell because of how many pictures I end up sharing. Paper flowers are super simple and I have a video tutorial in the works but if you can’t wait, you can certainly search ‘giant flowers’ on Pinterest and you will not be disappointed.

While I was making these, I recruited my husband to help cut and bend the flowers, during this time he could not wrap his head around why I find crafting at all enjoyable. I responded with a phrase I heard earlier in the week “just wait until you smell the baby”, his look of confusion turned to completely perplexed. Then I explained how when you are in labor you don’t know at all why you decided to do this and you might not ever do it again and blah, blah, blah, that is, until you hold the baby. It is in the next 24 hours when you are drunk on new baby smell that you forget all the work and are just focused on the final product. That is the case in most of my projects and this one didn’t take too much time, just 4 hours or so from start to finish but it created such an epic impact on the table.

I went with light blue table cloths though royal blue would have been great too and fitting of the Daisy vest and put out the napkins I had available in rainbow order. Since we are friends, I will share a little secret with you all. I can’t stand outside parties, I get that the lighting is all wonderful and some of my best party pictures were of events outdoors, but the wind is not my friend and I curse so much in my head (and out loud when the kids are not around) everytime I do a party and everything flies away. I wanted to avoid that this time so I taped things down, mainly the plates and napkins, but totally taped them to the table so they wouldn’t fly away. The kids didn’t care and the parents found it amusing so really it ended up being a win/win situation.

I found that 6 sheets of card stock, I love the solid colored card stock at Walmart of all places because it is super thick and affordable, gave me one large and one smaller flower. That times the 10 colors of the petals and a couple extra gave me between 20 and 25 flowers for 12 feet of table. I placed them overlapping and intertwined with each other but in a flowing rainbow and loved every second of it. I really just can’t get enough. So here is one more.

I also wanted to share this cute picture of our bridging bridge that my husband took, I built this last year and while it has a couple more years, I hope it is a super sweet memory. I don’t have a tutorial because I made it up as I went in an afternoon last year. It is one of my favorite things I have built.

Another shot my husband got were of all the Daisy vests after the bridging was over. Each girl took the vest off and we put it on a personalized hanger (that tutorial will come soon) that hand their name and the date on it so they can hang it in their closet and keep it neat and safe. Looking at all those vests was like an end of an era, we have been doing this for two years and already they are Brownies, it is crazy!

Thanks for enjoying all these pictures with me and let me know what your favorite was in the comments below!

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