geoboard and toddler safe elastics

Geoboard and Toddler Safe Elastics

I just put out the geoboards last week in my 3 year old class at work and the kids have been loving them!! I wanted to make something like it for Avery because the ones that I have at work are obviously for older children.

Also, I don’t love the idea of just handing her rubber bands when I don’t think she really knows how to use them. I just see her snapping herself and then getting hysterical. Not my idea of a good time!

Here is what I came up with!

In all honesty, I started out with a board that she had already painted because she is always painting and I am known to grab whatever is around. Usually this is a board left over from a craft class. So I have a lot of them.

But the first one looked like this, all ocd and almost even and it would have turned out to be way to many nails for a toddler just starting out. So I scrapped it.

Then I grabbed another piece of painted wood. Not joking that I have a lot of them. This time I just free-handed it and there were MUCH less nails in this one. It ended up being perfect for her.

The edge was raw so I just put a piece of washi tape around it, I didn’t love how this pattern ended up but it turned out to stick really well and I couldn’t get it off. She isn’t going to mind, it is just going to bother me, which I can live with.

Then we come back to the elastic problem. I started with the idea of using an old t-shirt… like this one I found in Scott’s laundry, um why in the heck does he have this???? I haven’t the slightest idea. I was happy to come up with a reason to cut it up, even if the idea did flop.{Not stretchy enough.}

Then Avery walked over to me with the super skinny elastic saying “oooohhhhhh I got a spider”. PERFECT! That kid has a way with timing.

I just knotted off pieces in varying sizes and it was perfect; stretchy, easy to maneuver and not going to hurt like a rubber band would.

So I finally let her play, by this point she was practically pushing me out of the way because she watched me make it the whole time (someone decided to take a late nap today). And it went over great!!

What have you made for your kid this week?

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  1. Andie Jaye January 29, 2013 at 4:35 am #

    that shirt craps me up!! i love the idea of using tshirts instead of regular rubber bands. this is what we’d have to do, our cat loves them!