garden tea party photo op

Garden Tea Party Photo Op

I did a big fancy tea party for my friend’s daughter’s second birthday….

Well more like I heard she was going to do a tea party for her daughters second birthday and I emailed her and said “how about you let me help and I can blog about the pictures and if you like it you can suggest me to your friends” to which she replied “of course!”.

So there we began.

I really like photo op spots at parties because I just think it is fun for the one throwing the party but for the guests too because of all the smart phones, everyone pretty much carries a camera with them in their purse or pocket these days.

This photo op was inspired by the Easter bunny… wait hear me out. Wade and I went to dinner and a movie on our second date out by ourselves since Avery was born. That was before Easter and they had the Easter bunny photos set up with these huge decorative spring trees on either side, both of them had to be using a couple of hundred dollars in foam and flower and butterflies. Not in the budget, so I came up with these that were inspired by the ones I saw at the mall:

How much did mine cost?? 25$ for BOTH!

Here is what you need:

  • Green plastic table cloth (on per tree, I used 2)
  • Dark green roll of tulle (wholesale florist)
  • Light green roll of tulle (wholesale florist)
  • Glitter green roll of tulle (wholesale florist)
  • Glitter pink roll of tulle (wholesale florist)
  • Safety pins
  • Clothes pins
  • Thick white ribbon (wholesale florist)
  • Flowers (dollar store)
  • Butterflies (dollar store)
  • Hot glue
  • Piece of scrap ribbon
  • Tomato cages

Other items for photo op:

  • Two large white table cloths
  • Colored table cloths
  • Bench or ottoman that can seat a couple of kids

Alright, let’s get started:

Here is the plastic table cloth from Target, they come in a two pack.

Take both table cloths out of the bag and take one table cloth and cut it down the middle so you have two LONG strips.

Tie the ends of your tomato cage (mine were the 42″ ones) with the ribbon to hold them together a bit and keep the right shape. I will admit that I did curse a couple of times  doing this, don’t worry the baby didn’t hear. Maybe get tape or the hot glue gun to help you.

Then I took one of the strips of table cloth, started at the top and wrapped it around the tomato cage , I used the clothes pins to hold everything in place until I got both pieces of table cloth on the cage. Spread and fluff as needed.

Then I replaced the clothespins with safety pins.

Next I wrapped one of the shades of green tulle around, about half the roll on each tree.

Then the other shade:

Then the glitter green.

Then the pink glitter and the white ribbon. I pinned them at the top and bottom and in the middle.

Next I set up a station with flowers and butterflies and my hot glue gun.

Then I just started gluing, I pretty much only did the front and sides that you would see in the photos. I used the scissors to snip off any of the stem that was left.

Then start adding the butterflies.

Done! Here they are in the photo op, for that I just took one white table cloth and hung it over the fence and the other table cloth for on top of the ottoman. Then I draped either ends of the colored piece of cloth and brought the middle up. I stapled everything into place.


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One Response to Garden Tea Party Photo Op

  1. Lindsay May 2, 2012 at 1:35 am #

    Adorable! I love this backdrop! I may have to make some of those for a birthday party! Thanks friend!