garden brick snowman and other craft class fun

Garden Brick Snowman {And Other Craft Class Fun}

I have done a bunch of craft classes this month and have had a blast!!

One of my favorite ones were these little paver snowmen- so cute!!

I picked up the bricks from Home Depot for about $.70 a piece or so. Then they painted them all white with some basic acrylic paint.

Once you have done that, they are ready for faces and buttons! I just grabbed some googly eyes and sharpies.

Then some buttons down the front and a flannel or fleece strip of fabric for the scarf. DONE!!

Super cute, right?!

Here is a close up of that candy cane vase in the above picture. These were another craft in that class and were really cute and easy to put together!

All you do is grab a small vase, or in my case a mason jar and some candy canes. I hot glued each on around the jar by putting a line of hot glue on the candy cane and attaching it. After I was done with that I added a strip of red duct tape (any tape would work, you just want to support them from the outside also). To make it a little more festive, I then added the red ribbon on top with the hot glue gun once again.

The last project that we worked on was the felt tree skirt, these are always so fun because they can take on any design you wish and change from year to year. I got a yard of felt and cut it into two squares. Then I folded snowflake style until I got a triangle that I could cut the corner off of (the center where the tree goes) and cut a rounded shape into the end so it is a circle when you unroll it.

After that it is up to you what shapes you cut out of felt and other materials and hot glue on! Super simple and a lot of fun!!

The button was the perfect size for the berries for holly!

What holiday crafts have you been doing lately?!

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