frugal picnic tips

Frugal Picnic Tips

4th of July is next week, can you believe it??

This is just such a fun holiday to spend with family, and many times, we spend time with family at the park or a picnic during the summer!

I love to decorate any table, for any reason really, but especially a holiday. That doesn’t, however, mean that I have bottomless pockets. I like to reuse old things and take advantage of what I have around the house.

And what is on sale, which conveniently enough closer to the holiday is the stuff you are looking for! I have been gathering things around my craft room into a patriotic pile as well as picking up super cheap items at the craft store or dollar store that fit the colors. BUT, I think one of my favorite things so far I got for free when we got In-N-Out last week. {This was before our new journey you can read about HERE}.

I love those little caddy’s that can carry all the silverware, napkins and straws but I have yet to see one for a price I will pay (they are either all out our just out of my range). That is until I spotted the drink holder… with just a little tape and some stuff around the craft room, I came up with this:


frugal picnic tips


Fun, right?! Kraft paper is on trend so the fact that this is really just plain cardboard ends up working quiet well! I just folded it flat, added some paper tape {truth be told, this is actually a kid’s version of washi tape I got from Target} and then put it back together and it was that easy!


picnic tips


I wanted a little more color so I added doilies and then, of course, some mason jars! I came up with two versions, the first one is the straw and silverware holder. Super sweet, easy and affordable and will look great on any buffet.



Then I made some little covered drinking jars with some polka dot cupcake liners, mason jars and paper straws and it made quite a sweet display as well!




I can’t wait to pull together more ideas and put this picnic together!!

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