frozen dyed coffee filter wreath

FROZEN Dyed Coffee Filter Wreath

During camp we are doing themes and one of the themes that was decided was a “Frozen in Summer” theme. I have been using these themes as a great excuse to make some fun wreaths because, well, I like any excuse to make a wreath! Last week I had the Patriotic Napkin Wreath and it was a lot of fun! Check out this week’s Frozen Dyed Coffee Filter Wreath, I don’t know which one I like more!

frozen wreath

This one was also made with affordable materials ad also from a pool noodle that I completely covered with duct tape so that I could easily hot glue to the surface. The difference here is that I used coffee filters, not napkins. I have made white coffee filter wreaths before, but I thought it would be fun to dye them blue with liquid watercolor this time for a bit of a different look. All I did was dilute some blue liquid watercolor in a bowl and then dunk the coffee filters in, one at a time. Then I blotted them on a paper towel to take out some of the moisture.

frozen wreath 2

After they were blotted I laid them out on a plastic table cloth to dry, they dried much faster once I moved this table cloth to the garage where it was much warmer.

frozen wreath 3

I dyed a whole package of coffee filters and used all of them. When I started hot gluing them to the form I did the inside and outside first. I find that those are the hardest to get to when you are working your way around the wreath when it is fluffy like this. It was really much easier to work on when I did it in this order.

frozen wreath 4

After the sides were done, I filled in the top and the winter style wreath was finished!

frozen wreath 5

All it needed were a couple of snowflakes which I cut with my Cricut!

frozen wreath 6

It also hung on the blue door and for some reason, wreaths on this door at the end of a dark hallway still photograph well!

frozen wreath 7

Got to love another FROZEN craft!

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