free printable teacher gift tag

Free Printable Teacher Gift Tag

Another day, another printable!! These have been doing really well lately and as bloggers, we are always learning to give readers more of what they enjoy and right now, most of my top posts are free printables! I am so happy to be able to provide you all with fun and free resources! This is a teacher gift for back to school that could not be faster and easier to put together! All you need are some colorful candies, a fun drinking container (the dollar store is a great place to find these) and the printable I will share at the end of the post. That is it! You could even throw this one together in the car on the way to school (not that any of us have ever done things last minute… as typed by the queen of such things). But anyways, check it out!


Isn’t it fun! I love the colorfulness of it, especially for younger grades and since Avery is going into the big Pre-K class next year, I wanted something bright and fun. I started with the jar, I put the straw in before I added all the candies to make things easier.


Then I printed the tags, I know there are quite a few tags on here but it just made sense (if you have OCD like me) to have 6 so there as a balance. But you never know, with various teaches, aids and assistants, it could be helpful to have this many! PDF version is at the end of the post :)


I trimmed down one of them and added holes in the top for the twine.


Then, all I had to do was attach it to the jar- I chose to go with the rainbow theme and use 6 pieces of twin and I think it came out cute! But, if you were, hypathetically, doing this in the parking lot of the grocery store where you picked up the candy, if you asked the floral department nicely, they would probably give you a piece of ribbon. Not that I have ever tried that before…. it pays to be friendly with your grocery store peeps.


Fun, right?! Now, here is the printable as promised! —>  Teacher Gift Printable

Teacher Gift Printable

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