free printable soccer planner stickers

Free Printable Soccer Planner Stickers

It is Tuesday so you know what that means? Another set of free printable planner stickers! I love making a lot of the icon stickers that I currently need or will need coming up because I think it is so fun to add lots of different stickers to my planner each week. I am not totally a team ‘no white space’ planner, at least not right now, but I do like to add lots of fun stickers. We have recently signed Avery up for soccer for the fall and while I don’t need these stickers tomorrow, I made them so I had them ready because I was excited! Check it out!

soccer planner stickers

Since the colors that I use for my spread differ each week, I made quite a few color options on one sheet. For this one, you will just save the picture by right clicking on it and upload it to your Design Space and click the background to make it transparent. Then you can click to save it as a print and cut and that is all you have to do!

I printed these at 5.5 inches wide and they were quite large which is fine with me because soccer will basically be all that we have going on on Saturday mornings but if you wanted to print two sheets of smaller soccer balls that is a choice to. I would just turn the whole image on it’s side and then make the width 5.5 (what would have been the height). Then, when you hit ‘go’ you will change the number of times to cut from 1 to 2.

Super fun! Avery is thrilled about soccer and I am glad to have a sticker in my arsenal to accommodate it! What other planner stickers would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below!


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